Odisha Handicrafts and Handlooms

Handicrafts And Handlooms Odisha

Handicrafts Of Odisha

Handicrafts and handlooms of Odisha will win your hearts, it is one of the major parts of Odisha Tourism. Odisha is famous for its Stone cravings, Pattachitra, Standart, Horn Work, Silver Filigree, applique work, Brass and bell metalware, etc.

Terracotta & Pottery 

These items are Terracotta & Pottery Odishatraditionally done by tribal peoples. This needs a special type of mud to make these items. 

They make popular items like roof tiles, food plates, teacups, many kitchen items, etc. 

There are more than 12000 terracotta artisans in Odisha. They are producing traditional and decorative items. 

In Odisha, earthen pots are often used in various religious and social functions that are specially made by the Potters. 

These are made with different shapes and sizes and are beautified with fish and flower patterns. During religious occasions, Horses and elephants are made in terracotta.

The potters are also making toys from clay and figures of human beings. They catch all the characteristics of real-life creatures. Terracotta toys are made in every pan of Odisha.

Silver Filigree

In India, it is very rare Silver Filigree Odishato find silver filigree work like Odisha silver filigree artists. 

The artists make the delicate silver wires into complex designs.  Cuttack of Odisha is famous for silver filigree work.

Silver ornaments especially silver earrings and brooches are very popular among Indian women. 

The silver filigree work is of high quality, the standard is up to 90% pure. It can be categorized into many items. Ornamental items like bangles, earrings, Necklaces, Pendants are favorite among women. 

Decorative items like Cast snakes, Cast Horses, Temple mold, animals are good for drawing rooms. Some devotional items are also used in many temples.

Horn Work

Horn work crafts of Horn Work OdishaOdisha have been there around 1890. These horn works were practiced during the Maharaja of Paralakhemundi Sri Krushna Chandra Gajapati Narayan Deb. 

When Maharaja found some unique characteristics of the horn and noticed the horn’s plasticity. Then he decided to make a team for horn crafts. 

At present there are different types of products being created : pen stands, Idols of God, Lampshades, Combs, House decors, Etc. Combs are the major products that are created using the horn. 

In Cuttack district, the craftsman blends the horn and filigree work together to make creative and decorative jewelry. When it comes to Horn Work, Odisha has a lot of variety to offer.

Tribal Jewelry

Tribal Jewelry Of Odisha

Odisha has more than 60 tribes having different styles of living, which is the largest number in India. 

The women of most tribes wear typical ornaments made with brass or bell metals, which are made by a particular type of artisans, they are of different districts like Phulbani, Rayagada, Gajapati, Nawarangpur. 

Different tribes have different cultures, traditions, and languages. Tribal jewelry shows the character, the strength of spirit, cultural background, ideas of tribal people

The artists use local materials to make these types of jewelry. The tribal jewelry of Odisha is very popular internationally. Its demand is increasing day by day. It is considered as the most ethnic and elegant.  

Stone and Wood Carving

Stone and woodStone Carving Odisha carvings have always treasured the glory of the land Odisha. 

Raghurajpur is a small village of Puri that has families that are dedicated to stone and wood carvings. 

They are doing the same for generations. Even they won national awards for this work. This village is declared as a heritage village because there are 100 families and 311 artisans living in this village. 

The artisans do their magic with stone and wood carvings to make idols in temples and some other lifestyle items. One of the best examples of the best craftsmanship is the magnificent wooden images of, Balabhadra, and Subhadra.

Brass & Bell Metal Ware

Brass And Bekk Metal ware

Odisha is very famous for its handicrafts which possess the skill and creativity of its artists. 

Basically the brass work, silverwork, terracotta art objects, and applique work are very unique examples of artistic excellence.

Odishan art belongs to the fine imprint on brass and bell metal utensils, also the bronze bangles and pots are important aspects to the Odisha art. 

Antiquity made of metal, particularly brass, finds pride of place in most the homes of Odisha. During the worship of god beautiful lamps and lampstands are used.

Another useful rice measuring bowl made of brass is used in many homes. Some elephants and horses are also made by the artists and decorate them with flawless designs. The household articles and utensils are also made of brass and bell metals which are different in sizes.

Jhoti, Chita, Muruja

Jhoti Chita Odisha

Jhoti chita is one of the traditional Odia art made with white rice paste. It can be seen in rural areas of Odisha. 

It is made with rice paste and a piece of cloth to make the art patterns. People also use their fingers to make these patterns. It is usually printed on walls and floors. 

Basically Murja is drawn on the floors with powders of different colors. White powders from white stones, Green powder from dry leaves, Red powder from red bricks, etc. Murja is used during different festivals in Odisha.

Applique Art

Applique Art Odisha

There is a village “Pipili” which is 40 km from Puri to Bhubaneswar – Puri road. They are making applique art. These art pieces are now decorating every part of the World. 

Besides Pipili, applique artwork is also found in other places of Odisha, such as Barapali, Chitki, and some other places. 

They make several things with applique work. Big size umbrellas of applique work are made for festive occasions. They also make Heart shaped fans, canopies, wall hangings etc. 


Pattachitra Odisha

It is the traditional painting of Odisha. This is a cloth-based scroll painting. 

Pattachitra is well known for its mythological meaning on artwork. It is an ancient artwork of Odisha. 

These paintings are based on Jagannath Culture. The colors which are used in these paintings are all-natural colors. 

These paintings are alive at places like Raghurajpur(Puri), Paralakhemundi, Sonepur.

Handlooms Of Odisha

Odisha is the origin of many beautiful fabric designs, which are gained recognition under the GI tags of India. Textile weavings are the major part of the economy of Odisha. For this textile industry, thousands of weavers are getting benefited. 

Odisha is well known for its silk and cotton. The tussar from Odisha is very smooth, shiny, and interesting. If we think about saree from Odisha then the material that comes into our mind are cotton or silk.

Odisha Saree

Sambalpuri Saree

Sambalpuri sarees are the most popular sarees from Odisha. These sarees are woven in Sambalpur, Berhampur, Nuapatana, and Mayurbhanj. The sarees are beautifully inspired by shell, flowers, chakra, etc. 

Bomkai Saree

These sarees are so beautifully woven and are a treasure to own. Bomkai saree uses Ikat and silk for weaving. This saree has a plain body with worked pallu. These are woven in Berhampur district.

Khandua Patta 

Khandua patta is also called as Manibandi or Kataki saree. It is a traditional saree produced in Odisha. This is worn by women during their wedding. This is also worn by “Lord Jagannath”. 

This saree contains texts of Gita Govindaon them. There is a special Khandua patta which is a length of 12 foot and 2 Kani (1 Kani = 1 Length of Hand) offered to Lord Jagannath to wear.

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