Kedara Gouri Temple – Bhubaneswar

Kedara Gouri Temple Bhubaneswar

Kedar Gouri Temple (Kedareswara Temple), is one of the eight Astasambhu Temples in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This temple is near Mukteswara Temple Bhubaneswar. The presiding deity of this temple is Lord Shiva. Local people name it “Kedareswara”. It is located on the right side of the road which is leading to the Puri district from Bhubaneswar. It is 40 meters distance from Mukteswara Temple. The deity is made of sandstone. The sanctum is 2.5 square meters. 

As per locals there lived a couple named Kedar and Gouri. They loved each other then decided to marry, but the society was against both of them. Society threw them outside the village. Both left the village and then Kedar killed by a Tiger. Later Gouri killed herself by jumping into the pond. After that the king of Utkal, Lalatendu Keshari built a temple named Kedara Gouri or Kedareswara Temple. The pond is still here and said to have great medicinal property.

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Gouri temple is the second temple dedicated to Gouri (Companion Of Lord Shiva). Both the temples were built in different periods by different kings. The outer walls of this temple are well crafted with beautiful sculptures.  

The premises also have three small shrines of Lord Shiva, Hanuman, Durga, and Ganesh. The premises have to ponds called Khira Kund and Marichi Kund. 

Every year in Shitala Sasthi Festival Lord Lingaraj is taken from the Lingaraja Temple with a grand procession towards Kedara Gouri Temple and marries Maa Parvati.  

From October to February are the best season to visit this temple as well as Bhubaneswar.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

Located in: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar

Best Time to visit: October to February

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