Odisha Tourism

Odisha tourism is one of the main economic contributors to Odisha. It has a 500 Km coastline, scenic lakes, towering mountains, and frolicking rivers. Odisha has various tourist destinations that attract visitors across the world, that’s why it is one of the major tourism sectors of India. You will get more information about Odisha here.

Some of the major tourist attractions are Wildlife reserves, Beautiful beaches, Historical places, Mountains, Art, culture & tradition, etc.


Odisha has major tourist attractions in India with 2000 years old history. With a lot of holy temples which is making Odisha one of the premier pilgrimage destinations in India. Mostly people of Odisha are Hindu also there is a presence of Jain & Buddhists. Odisha is one of the best places if you want to do a religious tour. 

Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Odisha. It’s also called as Temple city of India. It has over 500 small and big temples. The Lingaraj Temple is one of the famous temples in Bhubaneswar. There are some other famous temples all around Odisha, which are old as of the 13th century. 


Odisha attracts visitors from domestic and international for its famous destinations. When it comes to wildlife tourism Odisha has many national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. If you are a nature sightseeing and want to experience a wonderful holiday at wildlife then Odisha is the place for you. There are plenty of wildlife places which can blow your mind, Similipal National Park is one of them, It is surrounded by brief trees and Sal forests; The National Park has 12 rivers running across it. 


Odisha has a coastline of 500 kilometers it attracts around all domestic and international travelers, in all beach locations Puri sea beach attracts the most amongst all.  There are some other beach locations such as Gopalpur Sea beach, Chandipur Sea beach, etc.


Odisha has a 2000-year-old history. The state has a lot of historical places and has many heritage monuments which show the history and culture. Even you can find UNESCO world heritage sites in Odisha. Some of the major historical places are Khandagiri & Udayagiri caves, Dhauligiri, Konark Sun Temple etc. 


Odisha is the support of rich cultural heritage with historical memorials, archaeological sites, traditional arts, sculpture, dance, and music. Every time Odisha attracts a large number of scholars and tourists.

At the holy fence of Lord Jagannath temple, the bawdy of Konark’s Sun temple, the wondrous caves of Jainism, the mystical monasteries of Buddhism.