Odisha Rajya Tourism Top 10 best scenic waterfalls in Odisha

Top 10 best scenic waterfalls in Odisha

Top 10 best scenic waterfall of Odisha

From overarching mountains to pristine lakes, Odisha offers an ensemble of tradition and terrain. Wherein within all the beautiful sites, the waterfalls of Odisha have a special contribution to the natural beauty of Odisha.

There are a total of 48 waterfalls in Odisha, among which Khandadhar Falls- Sundargarh is considered as the highest waterfall of Odisha with a height of 244m.

Albeit Barehipani Waterfall having a height of 399 meters, it is still considered the second highest waterfall of Odisha, due to its two-tiered drop feature. The tallest single drop of Barehipani waterfall is 259 meters.

Below is the list of the 10 best scenic waterfalls one must-visit, especially if you are fond of waterfalls.

1. Barehipani Waterfall

Strategically nestled around the Simlipal National Park, Barehipani Waterfall is the second highest waterfall in Odisha.

Falling from an incredible height of 399 meters, the fall breaks into two visible tiers which ultimately ends to form a pool.

Barehipani Waterfall_Baripada
Barehipani Waterfall Baripada

This waterfall shares land with the Simlipal National Park settled in the Mayurbhanj district which is known for sheltering various wild animals.

Furthermore, for those who are visiting the national park for sighting the Bengal and White Tiger, their experience becomes even more exciting and wonderful with the presence of this popular tourist attraction.

2. Khandadhar Falls, Sundergarh

It is named Khandadhar as it looks like a sword from afar, where Khanda means ‘sword’ and Dhara means ‘waterfall’. It is the 12th highest waterfall in India and the highest waterfall in Odisha with a height of 244m.

Khandadhar Waterfall

Khandadhar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the state. When the crystal cold water of the running river falls from such a height and hits the uneven rock bottom, it creates a smokey scenario. 

Due to its biodiversity, it is a natural habitat for various species of flora and fauna.

3. Sanaghagara Waterfall

 Located in the Keonjhar District of Odisha; this small, popular waterfall features observation platforms, picnicking facilities & more.

Ticket systems have been organized for visitors who are intending on enjoying the views of this enchanting fall. A proper parking facility is organized nearby.

People looking for other fun activities while being on the cusp of this nature’s bounty can also enjoy boating in the small waterpark situated in the blooming gardens nearby.

Sanaghagara typically means ‘small waterfall’, is one of the top places to visit in Odisha. The fall drops from a height of 30.5 m and with time has become a famous picnic spot in Odisha.

4. Badaghagara Waterfall

Situated at a distance of 3 kilometers downstream of Sanaghagara waterfall, Badaghagara is a perennial waterfall.

This waterfall falls under the Keonjhar District of Odisha, where a small river plunges from a height of 60 meters in a single drop.

Badaghagra Waterfall
Badaghagra Waterfall

Badaghagara is one of the famous waterfalls in Odisha and is a special part of the Ghaghara River which itself is a tributary of River Baitarani.

One special thing about this waterfall of Odisha is its never-ending flow of water which is the reason why a dam was constructed close to the downstream side.

The greenery of the luscious forest around adds a soft touch of magic to the already charismatic waterfall and hence tourists swarm here in numbers to spend some leisure time.

5. Duduma Waterfall

Located at the border of Koraput District of Odisha, and shares a part of it with Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This waterfall is a very beautiful place amid scenic nature. 

Duduma Waterfall
Duduma Waterfall

The water in this fall remains throughout the year and it increases in the monsoon season. It is a horsetail-type waterfall with a height of 175 meters.

Machhakund (Duduma) Hydroelectric Project is located near Duduma Falls. It is a collaborative project between the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Government of Odisha.

 It is a pilgrimage destination and attracts tourists from all over the country.

6. Rani Duduma Waterfall

Koraput District is blessed with another serene site in the form of an ecstatic beauty- Rani Duduma Waterfall.

It is located in Jeypore city of Koraput. Being in the same district it often gets confused with the Duduma waterfall but both are different.

This waterfall is located around 40-45 km from Koraput Town and 20 km from the Semiliguda location.

Duduma Waterfall Odisha

This is one of the most beautiful picnic spots in the entire region. It flows throughout the year with crystal clear water. It is possible to take a cool shower under the natural fall.

There are well-guarded parking facilities organized. It is one of the natural beauties and is covered with hills & green forest around it.

7. Devkund Waterfall

Devkund, popularly known as ‘Devkund’ or ‘Deokund’ is a splendid religious and tourist place located in the district of Mayurbhanj and also is a part of Simlipal National Park that comes under Udala division.

Devkund the name itself defines its connotation; the meaning of this word in Hindi and Odia is “Bathing Spot of God and Goddesses”.

Devkund Waterfall
Devkund Waterfall

It is believed that in the past, Gods and Goddesses took baths in the water in Devkund. Dev- means God and Goddess and kund- means bath-tub, so the name is according to its culture and is said to be the favorite bath place of Hindu deities.

It is said to be a naturally created pond, the flowing water from an adjacent waterfall has created this pond.

Devkund is covered with dense forest which makes it more adventurous. The tank is about 600 feet in diameter and falling from a height of 100 meters.

Apart from that, there are four more tanks Amritkund, Ghirtakund, Haldikund, Devkund, and Devikund, as there are five waterfalls they are commonly called Panchakund.

One has to walk through Simlipal forest for about 1 km to reach the place. Pious “Satipith” is there on top of the hill from where the waterfall is passing by.

8. Khandadhar Falls, Keonjhar

Having the same name it is likely to get confused with Khandadhar falls, Sundergarh. As both the falls flow down the same hill, they both possess the same name.

Khandadhar Falls, Keonjhar may not be as high as Khandadhar falls, Sundergarh; but it is yet another most beautiful waterfall of Odisha.

The speeding water of this spring falls with a height of 500 feet (152m) in the midst of a dense forest.

It has a “smoke-like” appearance created by the spraying of water as it cascades down the rocks

It is located in Khandadhar Hill, which partially falls in the Keonjhar district. On the opposite side of the hill, there is another waterfall with the same name- Khandadhar falls, Sundergarh. Keonjhar and Sundergarh are neighbors, and Khandadhar hill can be said to be situated on the border of both districts.

The natural environment of this area is also the ideal place for rich flora and fauna which are abundantly available here.

9. Pradhanpat Waterfall

This waterfall has the most beautiful scenic beauty, can be described as a hidden treasure. As this waterfall is surrounded by hilly regions from all around it looks like a hidden spring among the mountains.

It is a prominent tourist destination located in the Deogarh district of Odisha, surrounded by dense forest throughout the year. The water falling from the granite rock creates a beautiful image.

Not just that there is no rocky place for one to stand and bathe under the fall as it directly falls to create a natural pool, swimming is also prohibited.

Pradhanpat Waterfall Deogarh
Pradhanpat Waterfall Deogarh

This place is located at a distance of 100 km from the town of Sambalpur. One who is looking for a peaceful picnic spot is the right place.

This place is blessed by Mother Nature, from dense forest to amazing hills and from the wild animals to birds; this place has the most adventurous experience to provide.

As this waterfall is located right at the center of the green jungle, it roars a lot, and the sound of falling water echoes through the passage.

It drops down from a height of 9.1 m and provides a beautiful pictorial satisfaction.

10. Gudguda Waterfall

This is a small but beautiful waterfall of Sambalpur district, Odisha. It is a Cascade waterfall meaning two waterfalls back to back. This attractive tourist destination even though falls under the Sambalpur district, attracts locals from nearby places like Deogarh, Jharsuguda, and even Rourkela on a regular basis.

Albeit being covered with dense forest, this place is one of the most beautiful picnic spots. The chirping of birds, the gushing sound of waterfalls, etc, brings melody to one’s ears and peace to the mind.

Being covered by all sides, the water flowing in this falls is extremely chilly. The surrounding jungle is serene and ecologically diverse making it a spot for photographing most wild species occurring in Odisha.

During the month of October or the rainy season, this place can also be seen filled with butterflies and dragonflies.

So Let’s Take A Break!

Every waterfall has its own charm, mesmerizing beauty, and even a sense of peace. The roaring water, foggy crystals in the air, and just the idea of being on the cusp of nature; is enough reason for a gateway from the mundane city life.

So let’s take a break from everything that’s bothering us, and for once let nature take over our soul and mend it. Call it recharging or repairing, what matters is returning back to the old life but, with a whole new perspective.


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