Odisha Rajya Waterfalls Putudi Waterfall – Phulbani, Odisha

Putudi Waterfall – Phulbani, Odisha

Putudi Waterfall

Daringbadi is lovingly called “Kashmir of Odisha”. A surprising hill station situated at the height of 3001.85 ft falls under the Kandhamal District of state. This place is one of the highly demanding and is compulsory in the bucket list of tourists.

This place is compared to the land of Kashmir because of its snowfall, but frankly Daringbadi experiences frost and sleet rather than snow. This is true that in winters temperature lowers down to 0 degrees. One can catch the moment viewing snow, sleets on car, house, trees, and ground freeze.

Apart from snowfall Daringbadi is home to enchanting natural beauty such as, Belghar Sanctuary, Pine Forest, Hill View Park, Verdant Valleys, Coffee garden, and many Waterfalls, one of them is Putudi Waterfall.

About Putudi Waterfall

Putudi waterfall is a natural place blessed to all tourists. They can enjoy this beautiful place to spend some quality time with their family and friends. The river Saluki falls from the height of 60ft. This is known as one of the prominent waterfalls in Odisha and Kandhamal district. The water of Putudi waterfall meets into the river Bada Saluki. It is 18 km from Phulbani town.

Putudi Waterfall Kandhamal


This hypnotizing majestic waterfall is just 15km away from Phulbani town in the midst of the jungle. It is an exotic location with a bright and bewildering view. The road connecting from Phulbani city to this spot is poor and difficult to ride.

Putudi Waterfall View
Putudi Waterfall View

One has to pass through Ghati Roads to reach the spot, but once you reach your destiny; you will definitely never regret it. Tourists have to hire a guide to reach Putudi waterfall as it lies in dense forest and is not safe.

There is no such food or snack accommodation, one has to carry all essential items with them. Tourists climb the rocks to reach the waterfall but it is too risky while getting down, Chairs are provided to sit and enjoy the breathtaking scenario. Adventure seekers will love the site and path.

The best time to visit Putudi Waterfall is during the winter season, to avoid the monsoon. It has now become a picnic spot for locals and outsiders too. One can spend some quality time in a natural peaceful area. Emu breeding center is located nearby.

The entire waterfall is covered with deep forests which is a good picnic place. This waterfall is known for its scenic backgrounds and piece of nature. There are a lot of other tourist destinations close to this waterfall. There is also a famous hill station present near this Putudi waterfallDaringbadi” It is popularly known as “The Kashmir Of Odisha”. This hill station filled with pine forests, rivers, and lush hills. 

Nearest visiting places from Putudi Waterfalls

Maa Bhairavi Temple

Goddess Bhairavi is the presiding idol of the temple. In earlier days the deity was being worshipped in a thatched hut, latterly the temple is being constructed. Durga Puja festival is celebrated for 16 days here.

This temple is 55km away from Putudi waterfall.

Rameswar Temple, Boudh

This temple is 86km from Putudi fall; this is a temple where a group of three small temples of Shiva has originated. Each temple stands itself on a raised manifesto, each has a unit and attached veranda.

The decorative plastic art of three temples seeks particular attention. They are of different heights. Devotees visit the temple to seek salvation, relief from diseases, purchase vehicles, etc. It opens from 6 AM to 9 PM.

Pakdajhar Waterfall, Phulbani

The amazing waterfall is just 38km from Putudi fall; it is a calm ideal place with an exquisite backdrop of scenery. This fall forms a divine pool which is deeper so one should take precaution before diving.

It is surrounded by dense forest and well-maintained roads. One can hire a car and can visit the place; the road connecting is just 3 to 4km away from the main road and little rough to drive.

Urmagarh Waterfall

This attractive waterfall is around 40km from Phulbani and 50km from Putudi Waterfall. It is the most crowded and much-hyped place, during summer days when the river gets dry one can see rocky floors and crowds of people.

Visitors can also take baths in the pool under the stream; winter is the best time to visit the place.


One must satisfy their soul and mind by experiencing the intense purity of Almighty’s creation. Those hilly areas give rise to roaring waterfalls witnessing nature’s beauty.

Travelers should never miss exploring the raw natural beauty of Daringbadi, come and capture the mini Kashmir of Odisha on your lenses.

How to reach Putudi Waterfall

From July to March are the best time to visit this place as well as Phulbani & Kandhamal. The weather is quite pleasant at this time. 

Located in: Phulbani

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station: (BONA)BIONDA 86Km

Best Time to visit: July to March

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