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Puri District – Odisha

Puri District
Puri (Jagannath Temple)

Puri district, one of the major cities and a coastal district of Odisha state. This district has one subdivision, 11 tahasils which are divided into 11 blocks, and these blocks converted to 1722 revenue villages. 

Puri district itself is the only municipality area of the district. Some of the major urban areas are Konark, Pipili, Nimapra, Satyabadi, Gop, Kakatpur, and Brahmagiri.

The name of the district comes from the Sanskrit word “Puri”, which means town or city. This city is very famous for the name Lord Jagannath Temple. Puri district lies around the latitudes 19° and longitudes 84°29’E. It has a geographical area of 3051 km2 or 264988.

Under the Mughal rule, Odisha was divided into three circars due to revenue administration. Those are Jaleswar, Bhadrak, and Kataka. Currently, Puri is part of Kataka circar. But after the Marathas occupied Odisha state in 1751, they divide the circar into Pipli, Kataka, Soro, and Balasore.

Puri, also known as Jagannath Dham – one among the four holy Dhams in India, is the Abode of The Lord Vishnu on earth. The Jagannath temple, also known as Bada Deula or Sri Mandir, is a 12th-century masterpiece of Temple art & architecture.


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