Odisha Rajya Tourism Maa Bata Mangala Temple – Puri

Maa Bata Mangala Temple – Puri

Maa Bata Mangala Temple
Maa Bata Mangala Temple

It is said that when Lord Brahma first came into existence he was confused on seeing a great void all around him. The goddess Bata Mangala appeared to him, guiding him to Lord Jagannath. Thus did Brahma gain its focus and proceed with the task of cosmic creation.

Located at a distance of 3 kilometers from Atharanala on the road leading from Puri to Bhubaneswar, on State Highway No.8, this temple is yet another Shakti pitha.

The holy land, Puri is not just famous for the sacramental Jagannath temple but also for some other temples like Maa Bata Mangala. The presence of these temples makes Puri religiously the purest place on earth.


The presiding deity of the temple is Goddess Mangala. The deity is very beautiful and has two hands and three eyes. She is sitting in Padmasana Posture with a smiling face.

Maa Bata Mangala

The two hands are holding pasa and ankusa. She is worshipped in the mantra of Durga and is the same as Mahamangala, Sarva Mangala and Mangala.

Reason for existence in Puri

In Odia language Bata means ‘Way’, since Goddess Mangala is enshrined on the way to Shreekhetra, she is known as Bata Mangala. She is believed to guide the pilgrims to Puri.

The pilgrims and all tourist vehicles used to offer puja and Darshan with all respects at Bata Mangala temple while entering into Puri and leaving Puri for their safe and happy journey.

How To Reach Maa Bata Mangala Temple Puri


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