Odisha Rajya Waterfalls Lulung Waterfall, Baripada – Odisha

Lulung Waterfall, Baripada – Odisha

Lulung Waterfall Baripada
Lulung Waterfall

Lulung waterfall is the entry point to the Similipal National tiger reserve. This location is full of dense forests, a small water spring and lot of other things which attracts the visitors. It is at a distance of 270 Km from Bhubaneswar. Lulung waterfall is at a distance of 20 km from Baripada district.

Who wouldn’t want a place where the scenic beauty can steal their hearts? The calming sounds of water hitting the rock bottom can relieve one from their anxiety and the soothing chirping of birds can transfer them to a whole new world. Lucky are those who get to visit Odisha because this state is full of such places.

Mountains, waterfalls, and wildlife are some of the best features of Odisha. The lush green forests, the transparent water in the rivers, and the mighty waterfalls are something that must not be missed. 

Mayurbhanj district of Odisha is one of the places which is filled with the best treasures of nature.


Mayurbhanj district is regarded as the crown of Odisha. This place is a paradise for all the nature lovers out there. One of the key attractions of the district is the Similipal Tiger reserve, Asia’s second-largest bio reserve. Lulung waterfall serves as the entry point to the reserve area. The waterfall is located at a distance of 20 kms from Baripada.

Lulung Waterfall 2

The breath-taking Lulung waterfall sits at the eastern side of the Similipal forest. With an astounding height of 300 meters above sea level, you can see the water streams pounding the rocks at the bottom. The spot is located on the banks of river Palpala which has crystal clear water flowing perennially. 

The numbers of colourful fishes swimming below the water level can literally be seen.

Surrounding atmosphere

The waterfall is surrounded by small forests where a stroll can be taken to spot frolicking deer, dancing peacocks and beautiful birds.

If more distance is covered inside the dense forest, leopards, tigers and elephants can be spotted too. Other rivers also surround the area contributing fairly to the natural habitat such as Khairi, Budhabalanga, and Salandi.

Things to do

Apart from camping by the river and taking a stroll into the dense forest, one can take the way to the village following the forest trails. Stone utensils are the iconic feature of lulung. Meghasani and Kiriburu peaks can be significantly seen from all over the place but hiking is unfortunately not possible on the peaks. 

Other beautiful waterfalls are situated a few kilometers away from lulung such as Kalipahad, Joranda, Barehipani, and Devkund. They all serve as perfect spots for picnics and for taking some time off your chaotic life. 

Archaeology fanatics can pay a visit to Kuchai and Kuliana villages, located a few kilometers away from lulung. They inhabit remains of the Neolithic and Paleolithic era which demonstrates the lifestyle of our ancestors. The place is really fascinating and fun at the same time.

Lulung waterfalls can be visited at any time of the year and the visitors are not allowed to enter after dusk except for those who have opted for staying.

Staying facilities

The riverbank can be suitable for both picnics and camping. The multi-sized pebbles, the transparent water and the sight of pleasant hillocks serves as a real treat to the eyes. 

Many guesthouses are built nearby to suit an ideal stay. The forest cottages are view-friendly and provide all the required facilities to the tourists. The stay areas are eco-friendly too as are they are powered by solar energy. They serve local cuisine which is a must-try for all the visitors.

Modes to reach

The nearest town is Baripada from where a bus can be boarded easily. It is also easy to reach the spot via train from the railway station in Baripada. The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik International Airport of Bhubaneswar which is 200 km far from Lulung. Taxis and other transportation modes are readily available for travelers.


Waterfalls in Odisha have truly justified the words of those who speak of the true beauty of nature. Travelers must not miss the treasures that Odisha has to offer to the whole world.

Nature can not communicate through actual words, instead, it communicates through natural elements such as waterfalls, dense forests, and wildlife. Odisha is a perfect destination for nature lovers, always offering splendid and scenic sights to tourists.


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