Odisha Rajya Waterfalls Khasada Waterfall, Gajapati- Odisha

Khasada Waterfall, Gajapati- Odisha

Khasada Waterfall

Odisha is a treasure to precious natural gifts blessed by the almighty. This state is a land of opulence, a mosaic of various sources of multicultural experiences. Major highlights are serene Ghats, spectacular Landscape, Sea beach, temples, and many more myriad attractions.

At the same time, the Waterfalls of Odisha are nonetheless. It is home to an endless collection of waterfalls, which has its own tune and lacy white to the itinerant stream. These waterfalls are popularly known for its soothing sound it makes while it drops down.

One of them is the Gajapati district of Odisha. This place seeks public attention for its vast idyllic beauty, rustic panorama, and sacred features, such as Gandahati Waterfall, Mankadadiya Waterfall, Mahendragiri, Chandragiri, and Khasada Waterfalls.

About Khasada Waterfall

The ensorcelled beauty of Khasada Waterfall is strategically nestled between the small hills and dense forest. This is located in Jiranga, Gajapati district of Brahmapur near Chandragiri. It is one of the most wonderful and crowded waterfalls.

This is a small waterfall having potentiality and radiance in the tranquillity, a place of sluggishness even in the roar of water. This waterfall creates a unique enthralling landscape for tourists to take pleasure in.

The onslaught of water is like a cascade of continuous rain. The splashes emerging out of the water are coming off to the ground making its way through small rocks. This view of Khasada waterfall is one of the most breathtaking ever seen.

The stream water gushing into the rocks and creating a beautiful serenity pool at the bottom makes the spot perfect to capture into the lenses. The travelers can enjoy bathing in the pool standing on the floor of rocks.

The sightseers and especially tourists taking baths have to be careful enough because the smooth rocks underwater are quite slippery. These slippery rocks define the name of Waterfall “Khasada”. The word “khasada” refers to slipperiness in the regional language of Odisha.


This hypnotized beauty of the fall is bounded with greenery, astounding hills, melodious sound of birds twittering, creeping. A famous temple situated on the other side of the waterfall, known as Shree Ram temple.

One can pitch a tent and is a good place for trekking and picnic. This fall is landing down between three mountains with crystal clear water. Khasada waterfall is not too deep, it’s safe but still one should take precautions while bathing.

Beautiful Waterfall Khasada
Khasada Waterfall

There are no such hotels or Dhabas nearby; one has to carry all essential items and food. There are only a few shops selling snacks, cold drinks, mineral water, and biscuits.

The stone floor underwater seems Man-made, People get engrossed with the mesmerizing view. Travelers come and rejuvenate themselves with the sound of splashing water. The surrounding smells earthy, musty, and lightly like just cut green grasses.

Lots of such falls were found abundantly later, but this waterfall made its place in the bucket list of tourist attractions for its vicinity to Jirang Monastery.

Weather Condition in Khasada Fall

During summer seasons (March to May) the temperature remains 24 degree Celsius to 36 degree.

Monsoon (June to October) the temperature remains between 25 degree to 32 degree Celsius.

Winter season can be said the best time to visit this place as the temperature remains calm 17 degree to 28 degree approx.

How to reach Khasada Waterfall

Best time to visit the fall is the month of October to February

  1. Nearest Station and Bus stop both are of same distance that is Paralakhemundi which is 27kms.
  1. Nearest Airport is Biju patnaik International Airport., Bhubaneswar which is 280km.
  1. The nearest town and Market place is Chandragiri which is only 13km, One can visit them by hiring a car.

Nearest Sightseeing Places from Khasada Waterfall

1. Jirang Monastery:

This is a beautiful divine Buddhist temple also known as Padma Sambhava Mahavihara. It is the largest Buddhist Monastery in Eastern India situated in Chandragiri, Gajapati district of Odisha. This place is also called “Mini Tibet”.

This scenic spot is bestowed with bounties of nature stayed in hills. Seasonal fruits, Tibetan woolen garments, carpets, Dogs of various breeds make the place more desirably attractive.

2. Taratarini Temple:

This beautiful holistic temple is settled on the top of the hill where one can see the roadways. This is a temple of Goddess Tara and Tarini, Maa Tarini is worshiped here. Most people visit this temple during the festival season of April.

3. Maa Bhairavi Temple:

This is the oldest and peaceful Hindu temple located in a small village named Mandri village. It is a famous temple of Goddess Bhairavi and is 20km from Berhampur Railway Station.

4. Pati Sonpur Beach:

This Unblemished golden sand beach is also called the pristine and virgin beach of Odisha. This peaceful serene beach is located almost 40km from Berhampur; it is one of the cleanest beaches.


Waterfalls can also be said Nature’s shower; these are one of those tourism spots which are settled in the lap of Mother’s nature. The cool and calm environment around the fall provides a great relaxing moment.

Almost every waterfall is situated in small villages. Visiting such places is a good option for the tourists to learn more about the tradition, culture and tribes of Odisha and how they survive. Join tourism between the months of November to February. This would be the best time to visit and witness this fall creating a spellbinding memory.

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