Hot Springs In Odisha

Hot Springs In Odisha

There is always something special about Odisha, which always pulls travelers from all over the world to explore the must-visit places of Odisha. There are a lot of heritage attractions, beach destinations, wildlife, spiritual temples as well as hot springs in Odisha to give travelers a better holiday experience. 

These hot springs release groundwater which has a temperature higher than the air temperature. One can get health benefits like skin problems, pain relief, better blood flow, etc are the reasons which make the hot springs of Odisha more popular. 

There are a number of hot springs in Odisha, we will discuss some popular hot springs.


Atri is a small village which is around 15km west of Khurdha Odisha. Atri is famous for its eternal hot spring. This hot spring is famous for its medicinal properties. The medicinal properties of this hot spring cure some diseases like skin issues, pain relief, etc. 

Atri Hot Spring

The water of the hot spring(57 °C) contains a small amount of sulfur when heated to 100 °C. There is a temple near the hot spring called Hattakeswar Mahadev. On occasion like Makar Sankranti, large numbers of visitors gather to worship Lord Hatakeswar Mahadev to fulfill their desires. 

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Deulajhari is an ancient Shaivism, which is located in Deulajhari village at the Angul district of Odisha. This place is well known for its hot spring as well as the old lord Shiva temple. There are 24 hot springs present around the temple and the temperature of this hot spring varies from 40 degrees to 62 degrees. 

Deulajhari Hot Spring


The name Taptapani comes from two Odia words: “Tapta” means Hot and “Pani” means Water. This hot spring is located 16 km away in the Gajapati district of Odisha. Taptapani is also famous for its hot sulfur water spring. This hot spring also attributed to medicinal properties. 

Taptapani Hot Spring

One can get health benefits like skin problems, pain relief, etc after taking bath in this hot spring. There are other attractions near this hot spring, you can enjoy this place with your family and friends. 

From October to March is a good time to travel to these hot springs. The weather remains quite pleasant at this time. 


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