Odisha Rajya Tourism Hirakud Dam Sambalpur, Odisha

Hirakud Dam Sambalpur, Odisha

Hirakud Dam Odisha

Hirakud Dam is located in the Sambalpur district of Odisha. It is known as the longest earthen dam in the world. This is built across the river Mahanadi, which is about 15km from Sambalpur. It was the first major river valley project after India’s Independence. 

The Hirakud Dam has an area of 1,33,090 sq km, you can say the Dam is more than twice the area of the country Sri Lanka. According to the source, the main dam has a length of 3.0 miles. 

The surrounding of this Hirakud Dam is a sight of sore eyes. This is a perfect example of an engineering marvel. If you want to enjoy the most scenic view of the dam then make your way to some rotating minarets in which Gandhi Minar and Neheru Minar provide the best views. 

Hirakud Dam Front View

Structure Of Hirakud Dam

This dam is edged by 21 km of earthen dykes, which are on both sides. The dam and dykes both measure 25.8 km. It is also known as India’s biggest artificial lake. The reservoir of Hirakud dam holds 743 km2 (287 sq mi) full capacity. 

There are two observation towers on each side of the dam. One is “Gandhi Minar” and the other one is “Jawahar Minar”. 

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Hirakud dam generally supports two different hydroelectric powerhouses. This powerhouse is located at the base of the main dam section. The 1st powerhouse contains 3 X 37.5MW Kaplan turbine and 2 X 24 MW Francis turbine generators. And the 2nd powerhouse contains 3 X 24 MW generators. The total capacity of Hirakud Dam’s powerhouse is 347.5 MW. 

Purpose Of Hirakud Dam

This dam was constructed to help flood conditions which may damage the crops. This was created with a reservoir and control the flow of the river through a drainage system. The dam regulates the water flow of the Mahanadi river and produces hydroelectricity via several hydroelectric plants. This dam helps control flood situations in the Mahanadi delta area.

The water released by this power plant irrigates the Mahanadi delta, this dam can generate up to 307 MW of electrical power via its two power plants. This project also provides flood protection to the delta area of Cuttack and Puri districts.

This dam has three canals, they are Bargarh Main Canal, Sambalpur Canal, and Sason Canal.

Water from Hirakud dam was allocated to several industries, the water is primarily used for mineral processing.

Nearest Railway Station – Hirakud

Nearest Airport – Bhubaneswar

Distance from Bhubaneswar – 325 KM

Location Map


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