Konark Dance Festival

Konark Dance Festival – An annual event of classical dance performances is held in the backdrop of Konark Sun Temple in Odisha, during the month of December.

Konark Dance Festival
Konark Dance Festival

This 5-day long dance festival was first started in the year 1986. This is the harbinger of the contemporary classical culture of Odisha.

During this festival, Konark attracts a surge of tourists. This festival also attracts art enthusiasts, to envision the grandest dance festival in the state.

About Konark Dance Festival

The Konark Dance and Music festival gives a platform to many artists across the world. This is used to showcase the depth of their knowledge regarding Indian classical dance forms and music.

Apart from Odissi, dance forms like Bharatanatyam, Manipuri, Kathakali, Kathakali, Kuchipudi, and Sattriya are a few Indian classical dance forms that are also performed by polished artists from all around the world.

A craft Mela (fair) is also held at the Urban Haat, Konark during the festival. They sell beautiful sculptures and souvenirs made by the craftsmen of the region. This also organized for the visitors to have a wholesome experience.

Konark Dance Festival 2
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The ambiance is pretty soothing, due to its open-air auditorium. The aroma from the cashew trees all around the garden.

Not too far from the beach, the fresh air from the ocean compliments the whole event turning the nights magical. 

The paper lanterns all around, hanging in a bulk on each tree. The ghungroos in the dancer’s feet ringing like music to ears. The Sitars and tablas playing in the most competitive way.

The flute soothing our mind from the mundane of city life, and the light show increasing the beauty of the famous Sun temple. Things we only read in fairytales become a part of our reality.

The famous musical Gharanas of India like, Agra Gharana and the Gwalior Gharana, also pay visits to play their preserved musical culture that they worship.

This festival not only brings in light the classical forms of dance and music. This also introduces the lesser-known folk dance forms from all around India as a part of our culture.

Along with this, during the same period, the International Sand Art Festival also takes place.