Joranda Mela Dhenkanal

Joranda Gadi Dhenkanal

Every year in the month of January, the popular mela called Joranda Mela or Mahima Mela is held at Joranda which is in the Dhenkanal district of Odisha. This mela is held on full moon day every year. This is known as one of the famous fairs of Odisha. 

On the full moon day of the Indian Hindu calendar, Magha Purnima day falls on the month of January and February every year. Thousands of devotees, Mahima Sanyasis (Ascetics) as well as pilgrims come here to take part in this Mela to worship at Mahima Shrine in the Sunya Temple. 

This Sunya Temple was built in the early 20th century however, the holy shrine existed from the fourteenth century. All the devotees pay their tribute to holy shrines which are known as Gadi Mandir, Akhanda Bati Mandir, Ghanta Mandir, and Dhuni Mandir. The whole temple is dedicated to the lord as Sunya Brahma, which is the shapeless lord. 

Evening Prayer At Joranda

The specialty of this temple is there is no image-worship done inside the temple. The great saint had ignited the ‘Akhanda Dhuni’ (perennial flame) which continues to burn till now. For this Akhanda Dhuni, thousands of ghee are offered. The prayers are made for world peace as well as prosperity to people. 

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The prayer of ascetics spreads the message of love and humanity among the whole world in the name of Mahima Gosain. That’s why this fair is known as one of the top fairs which shows the rich culture, art, and tradition of Odisha.

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