Odisha Rajya Pilgrimage Top 5 Famous Beach Destinations in Odisha

Top 5 Famous Beach Destinations in Odisha

Top 5 Beach Destination In Odisha

Many of us hold the idea of paradise as life at a beach, complimenting the thought where time doesn’t run hour to hour but mood to moment.

Odisha is a magnificent state with endless natural beauty, the land of paddy fields, beaches, Temples, River, Waterfall and etc. The state has an Overabundance of Sand and Sea for all beach-loving travelers.

Some beaches offer calm water and pristine sand, while others are known for their mesmerizing view. Odisha is also called the ‘Home’ to some of its best beaches and I personally found it true after my trips.

Golden Beach Puri

Most of the travelers who visit the Golden beach, Puri claims that a day there can only be described as Heaven on Earth. One must go sightseeing there and maybe just strut around the beach.

On the day a lot of devotees can be seen taking holy dips. Whereas some people will be swimming to their amazement as it is the safest beach in all Odisha.

Sunrise At Puri Sea Beach

We can say that the beach is a double-sided tourist place. It is because one side has an exotic beach and the other side has a pilgrimage center, a market named Swargadar, as well as many resorts and food stalls.

For all the shopaholics, the market will attract them into shopping for local Odisha Handloom outfits along with local house interior decorative items (Pipli work). The sweets and snacks sold by local vendors are also mood setter.

Puri Beach is also known as Golden Beach, after it was awarded the prestigious “Blue Flag” tag on October 11, 2020.

Evening around 5’ o’clock is the best time to walk on the beach, a large crowd can be seen on a particular side of the beach that includes beach hosts.

Sand Arts display and multiple other cultural and sports activities are open to visitors so they can enjoy and reminisce about them later.

One would definitely fall in love while meandering around the shore. Watching the waves with scattered rays of the setting sun that falls on the beach during the golden hour makes it look unimaginably beautiful.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga beach is one of the well known and most recommended pristine beaches in the truest sense ever seen, which makes it a must-visit tourist destination.

Due to it being closed to The Sun Temple- Konark, which holds a history for curing leprosy. The locals consider that presumably, this beach holds a natural cure for Leprosy.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Chandrabhaga beach on the coast has become India’s first to get the Blue Flag certification.

This is a quiet and clean beach less crowded than the Golden beach-Puri. A striking road that passes next to Chandrabhaga beach on the left and tall trees on right is known as Marine Road.

The marine drive area is very clean and the beach is enormous in length. There are some crowded areas with lots of activities like camel riding, roadside shops selling designer bags, etc.

Sand Art Festival of Chandrabhaga

Chandrabhaga beach organizes the festival every year from 1st December to 5 th December; that is during the Konark Festival.

Where a number of local and international artists participate every year in the competition to flare the viewer.

They show their talent by constructing different sand arts and change the Sculpture each day according to their various themes.

Eco Retreat

This is a festival welcoming the hidden beauty of the mesmeric sea, where one can book a camp for a night and experience the surrounding. There are almost 50 tents set on the beach every year.

Eco Retreat
Konark Eco-retreat

It is beautifully illuminated with great ambiance, giving a 3 star to 5-star accommodation experience along with the luscious food that complements the culture and authenticity of the area.

The outer surrounding is also luxurious, unique experience of glamour, delectable cuisine, sports activities, and cultural evening; this festival is always held from the month of November to February of the following year.

It is a perfect place to unravel the tempestuous state of mind.

Chandipur Sea Beach

This beach is a hidden solitaire in every aspect, has the power to rejuvenate senses and gives an imperishable vacation with its untouched Beauty. This beach is different because it doesn’t look the same all the time, surprised?


The interesting fact is, the sea recedes by 5km every day during ebb tide and then comes back with horseshoe crab and red crab during high Tide.

This is the reason why it is called The Hide and Seek beach of Odisha. It is onshore of the Bay of Bengal and is about 16km from Balasore Railway Station.

Chandipur Beach Festival

Chandipur Beach Festivals is also known as the Golden Beach Festival which is exceptional among most mandated celebrations of the region.

This festival is conducted for a four-day extravaganza that hosts numerous cultural programs including the regional dance style. One might feel like indulging in the mesmerizing rhythmic art.

Various sports activities are also organized in which local people participate.

This festival appreciates talent from all over the world. Hence, the beach offers more varieties of the most luscious and mouth-watering food to Seafood lovers.

One should really visit this place for their own relaxation and pleasure.

Gopalpur Beach

It is a serene beach of Odisha, It is the cleanest and blue-est beach in the state. A pristine land is a great option for one who is looking to unwind.

It is rarely known to people probably because of lack of promotion as a tourist spot. It is not so overcrowded, and it is a perfect place to enjoy baths while playing around with the high waves.

Gopalpur Sea Beach
Gopalpur Sea Beach

There are hotels around the beach that make a perfect stay option for tourists. A place where one’s day will start by watching a beautiful sunrise, in peace.

Visiting the lighthouse afternoon might also cherish one’s taste in sightseeing experience of watching the sea from up top. It opens at 3:30 pm and closes at 5:30 pm.

There is a particular area on the beach that is beautifully decorated with lights and sitting arrangements organized by the Tourism department of the state. Nearby, the local vendors sell tasty street food as well.

It was once a commercial port but now is a famous sea beach and a dream destination for travelers.

It touches the border of Andhra Pradesh and is situated on the Bay of Bengal coast. Gopalpur is 16km away from Southern Odisha, Berhampur.


This beach is surrounded by Palm, Coconut, and Casuarina trees; this sandy beach is filled with stalls selling different artifacts made from shells.

If you are a nature-lover but also want to experience aquatic games like Wind Surfing, Paddle Boat, Water Scooter, etc this place offers the best way to explore underwater.

Paradip Beach

This place is surrounded by green forest, blue water, and beach rock; Its cool breeze will take you to another world.

The shoreline of Paradip is decorated with casuarinas plantation and the sandy beaches make the city an upcoming tourist destination.

Paradip Beach Odisha
Paradip Sea Beach

People come here especially for sunbathing and to observe the scenic sunset and sunrise. Travelers who want to pacify their souls can spend time with its serene beauty.

This is a commercial seaport of Odisha, especially a variety of fresh sea fishes are transported to different foreign countries some are also too expensive.

Marine Aquarium

One should visit the marine aquarium, aquariums nowadays are common in many homes but cannot match the grandeur of this large one.

The antique aquarium is situated near the lighthouse, holding many rare species of fishes in its 28 large tanks.

The beach is 94km away from Cuttack and 125km from the city of Bhubaneswar. It is a calm beach, where the enormous waves of the sea give a sense of relief.


Odisha is a vibrant state with multiple numbers of beaches, a narrow strip of land separating a body of water from inland areas.

A day at the beach can never be a waste of time, especially when the warm grain of sand touches our emotions, we know we are in the right place.

Experience leaving the footprints on the sand towards the mesmerizing coastline- the land of a treasure trove of the unexplored and untouched beauty of beaches.


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