Odisha Rajya Waterfalls Devkund Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Devkund Waterfall, Mayurbhanj

Devkund Waterfall
Devkund Waterfall

Odisha is one of the incredible parts of India, a land of beauty for the one who wants to explore and feel the freshness of Nature.

The state Odisha is an illuminated state, its cultural ethics are decorated with colors of nature.

Odisha has a unique and diverse treasure yet to be discovered. This is a state which offers a dignified blend of culture and natural scenery.

Out of the entire scenic one, the liveliest, beautiful green and clean with rich cultural life is the place Mayurbhanj district of Odisha.

Mayurbhanj District

Mayurbhanj is a place that speaks aesthetic of its own; this place is more generous with its natural scenes. Mayurbhanj is on nature’s lap.

This has as many places which can invigorate people and is famous for its waterfalls, dense forest, tribal culture and one of the best attractive waterfalls is “DEVKUND”.


Waterfalls are a furious cascade of water; one will fall in love with the sound and the power of pounding water, whether it is a wave or waterfall.

Devkund which is also called ‘Deokund’ is a splendid religious and tourist place located in the district of Mayurbhanj and also is a part of Simlipal National Park that comes under Udala division.

Waterfall View Of Devkund
Waterfall View

It is said to be a naturally created pond, the flowing water from an adjacent waterfall has created this pond.

Devkund is covered with dense forest which makes it more adventurous. The tank is about 600 feet in diameter and falling from a height of 100 meters.

Apart from that, there are four more tanks Amritkund, Ghirtakund, Haldikund, Devkund, and Devikund, as there are five waterfalls they are commonly called Panchakund.

One has to walk through Simlipal forest for about 1 km to reach the place. Pious “Satipith” is there on top of the hill from where the waterfall is passing by.


After climbing a hundred steps above Devkund you can reach the river source, there is a temple called “Ambika Mandir”.

The temple was built by Mayurbhanj King during the 1940s and discovered by Rajkumar Profulla Chandra Bhaja Deo, a Researcher. Puja is still practiced here; this is a divine place and one will feel serenity here.

Devkund the name itself defines its connotation; the meaning of this word in Hindi and Odia is “Bathing Spot of God and Goddesses”.

It is believed that in the past, Gods and Goddesses took baths in the water in Devkund.

Dev means God and Goddess and kund means bath-tub, so the name is according to its culture and is said to be the favorite bath place of Hindu deities.


If one wants to visit the fascinating place of Mayurbhanj, then the first move

should be towards Devkund Waterfall.

By Road

This place can be accessed via Nilgiri from the Panchalingeswar, from Lulung it is 90km away, from Kuliah it is 69km away and from Balasore it is 87km away.

After reaching Udala one can hire jeeps to reach Devkund while covering a distance of 28km, the last 5 km to this waterfall is covered with dense forest.

By Air

Nearest Airport: Biju patnaik International Airport, Bhubaneswar (250 km) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata (315 km)

By Train

Nearest Railway Station: Baripada (70 km) and Balasore (72 km).

Surrounding and Atmosphere

The waterfall is surrounded by dense Forest and sky-touching Hills on which the fall is located. The place has the power to mesmerize.

The water was aquarium blue; drizzling onto the rocks making a soft sound, the bliss pool at the bottom was so clear termed as “Divinity pool”. One can also enjoy the chirping sound of jungle birds and multicolored butterflies are also seen.


Odisha’s destinations are an innate combination where God’s presence is deeply acknowledged with the splendor of Mother Nature. The waterfall was God’s graceful poetry told at full roar, it has brought its own music and lacy white to the traveling stream.

Travelers should never miss visiting the magical state of Odisha. Explore a beautiful glimpse of crystal clear waterfalls.

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