Cuisine Of Odisha

In east India, Odisha is well known for its awesome food and unique cooking style. Odisha is a rice producer and most people eat rice. Most Odisha cuisines are prepared with vegetables, Lentils, pulses, dairy products, and seafood as well. 

People of Odisha loves to eat less spicy and less oily food, besides that every cuisine load with great taste and flavors. Two types of rice are being eaten by Odisha people, Sundried and parboiled. Most people of Odisha prefer parboiled rice to eat in a regular basis.

A typical Odiya meal contains Rice/Roti, Dal, Bhaji, Bharta, Mix vegetable curry, Ambila, and ends with a dessert served on a plate made with bell metal. Odisha people love to eat Roti/Paratha for breakfast, and rice is eaten in Lunch and dinner.

Although every Odiya’s love with Pakhala, as it brings some relief from the hot climate in summer. It is cooked rice which is fermented for 8-10 hours in water. It is healthier than cooked rice as per research. 

 There is a snack which is famous in Odisha “Mudhi”. You can find Mudhi and mutton in the Baripada district. In nonveg, the main course includes Crab curry, Fish Besara, Chicken Alu Jhola, Muri Ghanta, etc. 

Odisha is famous for some delectable curries includes Macha Besara (Fish with mustard paste), Chatu Rai (Mushroom with mustard paste), Kanji, Kadali Manja Rai, Alu Potal Khurma, Besara, Ouu Khata, etc. There are many more Odiya recipes that I can not write at once. Below I have shared some Odiya recipes, you can check.  

Some Popular Cuisine Of Odisha