Odisha Rajya Pilgrimage Chausathi Jogini Temple, Hirapur – Bhubaneswar

Chausathi Jogini Temple, Hirapur – Bhubaneswar

Chausathi Jogini Temple

64 Jogini Temple is situated in a small village of Khurdha Hirapur, which is 20 Km away outside of Bhubaneswar. It is a tantric temple which is dedicated to the goddesses and their spiritual practices. 

This temple is built with hypaethral architecture which means roofless, for which tantric prayer rituals involve in worship the environment.

The idols of the Joginis generally represents a female statue standing on an animal, demon, or a human head, which shows the victory of Maa Shakti

This temple is usually found with a group of 64 Joginis of them, but in certain temples, there are 42, 81 Joginis too.

This temple looks like in the form of the chakra (Wheel), each Jogini sits on a spoke of this chakra. It is built with local sandstone and the idols with black granites. This temple has no resemblance to any other temples. 

All the Joginis have a different name to identify with. As per the locals, Some of the Joginis are sumptuous and some of them are fierce. Each Jogini has different powers, you can worship them to fulfill your wish.

The wishes were like to get a child to destroy any of your enemies.

Jogini Murtis Hirapur
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In front of the temple, there is the Sun platform. This was used to worship the sun by devotees, like at the Konark Sun Temple. If we look at this temple from the top it will look like a chakra (Wheel) with 60 spokes.

You will see the circle has 60 Joginis, and the other 4 are on the center platform, it is called as “Chandi pitha”. 

The outer wall of the temple is very simple. It has nine Devi murtis at regular intervals, they are called Nava Durga. Outer murtis are similarly larger than the inner murtis.  

From October to February are the best season to visit this temple as well as Bhubaneswar.

Timings: 6 AM to 7 PM

Located in: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar

Best Time to visit: October to February


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