Odisha Rajya Cities Best 10 Dahibara Aludum Places In Cuttack

Best 10 Dahibara Aludum Places In Cuttack

Street food of Odisha had been widely appreciated for its fabulous taste of spices. The cooking style varies from region to region and is famous for diverse multi cuisine available in each part of the state.

The most certified hub of street food emerged from the Cuttack district of Odisha. This city is famous for its mouth-watering food like Rolls, Pakodas, Gupchup, Pasta, Momo, Dosa, Idly, Pav Bhaji and etc. One of the recommended dishes is Dahibara aludum

The Cuttack version of Dahibara has aloo dum in it hence, it is mostly called Aloo dum Dahibara/ Dahibara aloo dum. This particular version is only available in Odisha, especially Cuttack.

Undoubtedly this street food is loved by locals as well as people outside the state. It is one of the famous street foods served in Odisha and has originated from Cuttack city. This is a perfect blend of North and South taste that leaves a tangy flavor tickling on one’s tongue.

If someone wants to explore Cuttack then they should never miss the opportunity to taste Dahibara aloo dum. This dish guarantees to taste so palatable, no other street food could match the level.

While discussing this famous dish few places come to my mind that serves the best version. The dish I am writing about is local fusion, below are the few places with the most ratings:

1. Bidanasi Raghu’s dahibara

Raghu Dahibara Cuttack
Raghu Dahibara

Yes, it is the most famous legendary Dahibara shop located on the Ring road near Bandha Chalk of Bidanasi. One can visit Raghu’s Dahibara to grab a plate of this mouth-watering dish.

It serves 4 Baras with delicious aloo dum. It gives an amazing taste, one can never delete the spicy dish from their mind. Although some people don’t prefer this because it doesn’t garnish with ghugni and sev.

It costs Rs 40 per plate; one can see a large crowd following the stall. The opening time is 4:30 pm and it finishes early, hardly within 2 hours.

2. Barabati Dahibaras

Barabati Stadium is famous for Cricket and the Barabati ground is for Baliyatra. For those who come to visit this place, the Dahibara stalls steal the attention of the visitors.

This is the only place in Cuttack where one can see an actual competition between a number of Dahibara stalls. People around the city frequently visit this particular area with their family and friends, considering this is the oldest place that has been serving the famous Cuttack Aloo dum Dahibara. The food carts and food trucks of Dahibara are lined in a single row on Baliyatra ground facing towards the Stadium.

Stadium Dahibara
Stadium Dahibara Cuttack

There are around 10 to 12 stalls. Each serves 3 normal Dahibara and one sweet Bara, garnished with hot ghugni and spicy aloo dum. The garnish of Onion, tamarind chutney, curd and sev adds more flavor to the dish.

One can have it anytime, breakfast, lunch and dinner as the stalls are ready from 11am to 8pm.

3. College Square Santosh Dahibara

Apart from the historic Ravenshaw University, this area is also famous for serving a variety of street food, mainly gupchup and dahibaras.

College Square Santosh Dahibara
Santosh Dahibara

Many students referred to having a delightful breakfast from Santosh bhai stall as it opens at 7am to 10am. Flavorsome luscious dahibara with spicy aloo dum and ghugni garnished with fresh chopped onion, coriander leaf and chili powder.

4. Kanika Road Trinath Dahibara

If one really wants to taste the spiciest variant of this dish, till tears roll down from eyes; then this is the best Dahibara aludum place for that. The savory taste of Dahibara perfectly complements the spicy aloo dum and ghugni.

Trinath Dahiibara Cuttack
Trinath Dahibara

It tastes literally different here, the curry of aloo dum is rich and dense and is garnished with crispy sev. Situated near the petrol pump of Kanika chhak tulsipur; they have issued a well-established shop which can hold a lot of customers. They also place the shop in Baliyatra for its promotion under the name Trinath Dahibara.

5. Biju Pattnaik Chhak Ishwar Dahibara

Located in Biju Patnaik Chhak, which is somewhat a remote area in comparison to the other areas of Cuttack. This particular shop manages to attract a lot of customers from throughout the city.

Iswar Dahibara Cuttack
Iswar Dahibara

Ishwar Dahibara aludum is famous for its availability of different options; it provides sour and sweet Baras. Their Dahibaras have a soft texture that melts inside the mouth. When serves with aludum and ghugni, it feels slightly spicy but guarantees a burst of flavor.

6. Shelter Chhak Babula Dahibara

Another famous Dahibara aludum destination is Babula’s Dahibara located in Deula Sahi, Cuttack. The name itself brings pride to the city, for being awarded first at the 11th National Street Food Festival in New Delhi recently.

He has been running the stall for the last 30 years, quality and quantity both are fresh and tastes superb.

Babula Dahibara Cuttack
Babula Dahibara

This place is always crowded with customers; one has to sometimes wait for their turn. The spices and flavors are well blended in the curry and taste amazing. This cart shop stands at its location at 5pm in the evening.

7. Chandini Chowk Vika Dahibara Aloodum

Chandini Chowk can be called just another hub of street food in Cuttack. Vika’s dahibara stall stands near the High court branch of State Bank of India. This stall gets crowded in the morning as all the bank and court staff have their breakfast there.

During School days kids can be seen going to tuitions near the High Court early in the morning. They consume this delectable Vika’s Dahibara aludum as their breakfast or pack it for lunch at school.

This stall is so demanding that it stands both day and night during Durga Puja, there is no control over the crowd. One has to wait a long to have a mouth-watering dish.

8. Dolamundai Hari Dahibara

Dolamundai can be said to be the centre of Street food in Cuttack. One can find every kind of food truck at one specific small field. It is the most crowded place because it is close to Badambadi Bus Stand.

People from remote areas of Odisha also buy Dahibara aludum from this particular store. It is an obvious flavourful delicacy complemented by the owner’s polite behavior.

If someone likes rich spicy gravy aloo dum and ghugni, then it might be the best place for them to give a try. Although, it is available only during the daytime.

9. Mission Road Rama’s Dahibara

Another place to get delightful dahibaras for breakfast is Rama’s dahibara aloodum. He brings three huge containers tied in his bi-cycle, which tastes marvelous; it serves delicious ghugni and spicy aloo dum.

The quality of the dish is fresh and he brings less quantity of it which finishes quite early as the demand is quite high. One has to reach before 9:30 to be able to buy themself a plate. Rama’s stall is right in front of SB Women College, One can see a huge crowd of girls around the bi-cycle during college hours.

10. KBK Road

It smells so aromatic, that the fragrance reaches every passerby. Students in the nearby schools around the area, wait desperately for their classes to get over. Once the last bell rings, a mass of school kids can be seen screaming and running towards the shop to have it.

The plate is garnished with chopped onions, tamarind chutney, curd, and its specialty is it is served with red sweet sauce. This red sauce on the flamed ghugni peaks the taste of heaven.

 Now the stall is carried hereditary by the owner’s Son. A huge gathering can be seen around the cart shop after 1:30 pm as soon as the schools get over.

To Conclude

Cuttack is blessed with an aged spicy street food dahibara aloodum. This is such an alluring dish that you can’t escape from its aroma; this can be treated as chatpata breakfast, snack, and even lunch.

It gives excellent hunger satisfaction with a lot of delightful flavors. So if one is visiting Cuttack must try the lip-smashing dish once.


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