Picnic Spots In Odisha

Saptasajya – Dhenkanal

Saptasajya is a place of scenic beauty; it is situated at the Dhenkanal district. Saptasajya is a place that is ideal for picnic and relaxation. As the legends‘Pandavas’ had spent some days during their Angyantavasa in these hills. This temple of Raghunath built in honor of Lord Rama, Laxman and Sita by Rani Ratnaprava Devi of Dhenkanal.

The Saptarishi temple and the temple of Raghunath are the most attractive temples which pull a large number of persons on the Ramnavami day which falls in March-April. Mythologically this place is important and many legends are still available. It got its name Saptasajya because there are seven hills surrounding the whole area. A small spring flowing close by the temple which enhances the beauty of the place. 12 km from Dhenkanal.

Saptasajya is well connected to all road lines of Odisha, which is 11km from Dhenkanal. Saptasajya to Dhenkanal railway station is almost 13km, and from Bhubaneswar airport, Dhenkanal is 80km far.


Inside and outside the premises of the famous Jagannath temple there are several temples dedicated to Sakti deities such as Ramachandi, Laksmi,varahi, Harachandi, Daksina Kali, Shyamakali, etc. which shows the popularity of Saktism at Puri.

There is a temple dedicated to goddess Harachandi which is at 27km southwest of Puri on the national highway 203 from Puri towards Brahmagiri and Satapada. This temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga and is mounted on a sandy hill near the ocean.

The temple is facing towards east and the presiding deity is Eight-Armed Mahisamardini Durga worshipped as Baliharachandi. Baliharachandi is also noticed as a goddess of water and navigation, who always protects the boatsman and fisherman when confronted with danger in the sea.

This temple has a relation with the Sri Jagannath temple in respect of a ritual on the Mahanavami day in the month of Ashwina. Festivals like Navaratri, Durga Puja, Chaitra Mangala Bara, Ramanavami, etc.

Baliharchandi temple is located at the beginning of the river Bhargavi which is not just a pilgrim site but also a scenic spot. This place is also famous for stretches of sandy beaches and the meeting point of river Bhargavi with the Sea. It attracts lots of tourists to enjoy the natural site of the beach and to seek divine blessings and eternal happiness.


Budhakhola the heritage beauty of Odisha is situated in the Buguda block of Ganjam Dist. It is the symbol of Buddhist culture. The place is filled with full of Trees, Caves, temples, and perennial Waterfall, which is the main attraction for tourists and picnickers. The presence of a bunch of five temples on the top of the hill is another attraction of this place.

The five temples are Sri Sri Makareswar Swami, Sri Sri Gangadhareswar Swami, Sri Sri Jagadieswar Swami, Sri Sri Siddheswar Swami, Sri Sri Budheswar Swami, which is popularly known as Panchu Mahadeva Temple. On Shivratri and Kartika Purnima, a large number of pilgrims come here to offer Puja to Lord Shiva. The Importance of Budhakhola increases during the month of Shrawan.

During this month a large number of devotees called “Bolbum Kawariya” throng at the Budhakhola temple for Ganges water is offered to the Baba Budhakhola.

Berhampur Railway Station is the nearest Railway Station. After reaching the station, one has to travel about 70 Km by Bus to reach Budhakhola. Continuous Transportation facilities are available from Berhampur to Buguda by bus. And from Buguda, Budhakhola is just 3 Km away.

Places Nearby

Shinghashini: It is located about 20 km from Buguda and is a popular domestic picnic spot surrounded by wildflowers and verdant forests. The presence of Goddess Shinghashini make visitors of all ages come time and again.

Kubareswar : It is one of the oldest Shiva temples on the way to Buddhakhola, about 3 km from Buguda. Lord Jagannath in the Jagannath temple of Buguda.

Bhetanai : On the way from Aska to Buguda, blazed a trail and unveiled its prominence when the sylvan paid due attention to the safety and independence of foxy Black Bucks popularly known as Krushna Sara mruga.

Jagannath Temple: It is situated within the Buguda town. A big temple is popularly known as Baladeva temple. The famous Car festival (Rathayatra)is observed like Puri. There is also a big street called Bada Danda for this car festival.

Beleswar Beach

Location: The Baleshwar beach is a very popular beach that is located around 15 km from Puri in the state of Odisha, India. It is situated on the shores of the Bay of Bengal.

Attractions: Baleshwar is visited for its extraordinary beach and the shrine of Lord Shiva that attracts hordes of devotees to this place. The sand and the sunset attract tourists in vast numbers. The sea here is calm and the beach is long and wide, helping you relax and unwind.

Activities: Baleshwar is a popular picnic spot, which is why you see lots of activity going on the beach. Water sports of all sorts can be enjoyed here. You can also stroll on the beach, with the soft white sand under your feet. Or you can watch the sunset as it slowly fades and twinkling stars appear in the sky. One can visit Baleshwar during the winter and the summer season, that is from October to June.

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