The oldest village of Odisha, located in the Tangi block of Khurda, is 75 km from Bhubaneswar towards Berhampur. It is surrounded by a huge marshland along the northern edge of Chilika Lake. The total area (about 10 square km) is generally a freshwater zone well connected by channels that cut through the reed beds with the brackish water of Chilika lagoon.

The numerous channels that crisscross through the greenery, shelters thousands of water birds, both migratory and resident. The visit to Mangalajodi if combined with a visit to Chilika lake and Nalabana bird sanctuary is more delightful. Chilika Lake is an almost 1165 square km brackish water active lagoon of the international importance of waterfowl.

Mangalajodi Wetland

Mangaljodi Wetlands

Mangalajodi is famous for its waterfowl heaven and paradise of birds. The beauty of this village and its wetland attracts thousands of migratory birds, journey from as far different places of the world and also the tourists. Its wetland now hosts more than 1,50,000 of birds in the peak season. November to March is the best time to enjoy.

Its importance as a powerful global waterfowl dwelling and declared as an “International Bird Area (IBA)”. Mangalajodi is not only home to rare birds but also embodies a continuous lifestyle that is at the fringe of destruction. Mangalajodi village consists of fishermen communities, mostly who go every evening for fishing inside the Chilika Lake and the next morning come back with fresh catch.

Local communities still dwell on the domestic methods of catching fish where in-country made fishing nets are made out of bamboo – but these do not pose a threat to aquatic life. Fish is an important part of their diet and it can be cooked in many forms i.e. cooked; smoked or even sun-dried – commonly called “Sukhua”.

Mangalajodi Wetland 2

A village is also a spiritual place. The ritual performance of the villagers is so much interesting. Many occasions and festivals are celebrated in Mangalajodi. “Danda Yatra” is one of the biggest and important ritual occasions, which celebrated in the month of March – April, performed by the villagers in an amazing way.

Patita Paban temple is another oldest and the biggest temple in this village. The surrounding of Maa Balimajhi Devi temple is a picnic spot of Mangalajodi. The lonely atmosphere and of this spot attracts everyone and brings concentration to mind.

Located in: Khurda District

Nearest Airport: Bhubaneswar (75 Kms approx)

Nearest Railway Station: Bhubaneswar (75 Kms approx)

Best Time to visit: October to March

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