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10 Interesting Facts About Odisha You Never Knew Before

Odisha is located on the east coast of India, by the Bay of Bengal. It is the modern name of the ancient kingdom of Kalinga, which was invaded by the Mauryan Emperor Ashoka in 261 BCE. The modern state of Odisha was established on April 1, 1936.

Odisha is the support of rich cultural heritage with a historical memorial, archaeological sites, traditional arts, sculpture, dance, and music.

Every year Odisha attracts a huge number of tourists. That’s why it is one of the major tourism sector in India with various tourist attractions.

Come, let’s dig into some interesting facts that make Odisha and astonishing and fascinating part of Incredible India.

    • The kitchen of Jagannath Temple – World’s biggest kitchen

The kitchen of Lord Sri Jagannath Temple called “Roshaghara” also known as the world’s biggest kitchen.

The kitchen is 150 feet long 100 feet wide and is located in the southeast direction of the temple. There are 32 rooms inside the Roshaghara, more than 250 earthen ovens inside the rooms. 

Around 600 cooks and 400 assistants prepare the food. On a daily basis, the kitchen serves more than 10,000 devotees called “Prasada”. This number can cross million during festival times. One interesting fact is that the kitchen never runs out of the food no matter how many devotees come to eat Prasada.

    • The 4.2 billion-year-old zircon in the rock near Champua, Kendujhar 

Oldest Zicron host Rock

A rock sample was recovered about 10 years ago near Champua, Kendujhar district, Odisha, which has put India at the frontline of geological research in the world.

Most of the scientists have found a grain of magmatic zircon inside the rock, which is of 4,240 million years old.

Geologists from India, Malaysia along with some Chinese researchers made the discovery.

    • Origin of Sambalpuri saree

The Sambalpuri saree is very famous among women in India. It started winning acclaim since the time, the late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi was seen wearing them.

    • Chandipur beach the mysterious hide and seek beach in Odisha

Sunset At Chandipur

Chandipur sea beach is located at Baleswar District Odisha which is 200kms from Bhubaneswar. This beach is also called hide and seek beach is a mysterious beach that could make you a little curious.

Rare natural phenomena what makes the beach more interesting that, if you see the beach one day, the next day the sea might vanish. the seawater recedes approximately 5 km during low tide and often advances to the shore during high tide every day.

    • Bhitarakanika National park – Home to the world’s most giant living saltwater crocodile.

The Bhitarakanika National Park is considered as the most impressive national parks in India. It is spread over 672 square kilometers. The park is home to the home to the world’s most giant living saltwater crocodile and more than 215 species of birds. 

    • Bhubaneswar – The capital city of the state honored as Temple city of India.

Lingaraj Temple Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar is the capital of Odisha. It was the ancient capital of Kalinga. Bhubaneswar- Temple city of India, was named after Tribhuvaneswar, ‘Lord of Three Worlds’, still preserves over 500 of India’s finest temples. 

    • Gahirmatha Beach – World’s largest-known nesting ground of endangered Olive Ridley

Olive Ridley At Gahirmatha Beach

Odisha’s only Turtle Sanctuary Gahirmatha Beach located close to Bhitarakanika National Park. Odisha coast has the world’s largest known rookery of Olive Ridley sea turtle.

    • Dhanu Jatra, the world’s largest open-air theater

The Dhanu Jatra is an annual drama-based open-air theatrical performance celebrated in the small town Bargarh. The drama is based on the mythological story of Krishna and his demon uncle Kansa. 

    • The most extravagant festivals of Odisha – The Ratha Yatra

Ratha Yatra Jagannath Temple

It is one of the biggest festivals in Odisha called The Ratha Yatra. As part of Ratha Yatra, the deities Lord Jagannath, his elder brother Lord Balabhadra and younger sister Devi Subhadra, along with Sudarshan, is taken out in a procession out of the main shrine of Jagannath Temple and placed in the Chariot.

    • The Great Indian Epic: Mahabharat

According to mythology, the great Indian epic Mahabharat was written in the Vedavyas Temple of Rourkela, which is also known as the Steel City of Odisha.

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